Want to have me as a guest expert on Facebook Live, Podcasts, or Summits?  

Following are some of the presentations I am happy to offer.

If you would like something customized, I am happy to discuss your needs.

The Leadership Effect:  Explode Online as a Leader in Your Space

Do you have big dreams of running a successful business but you’re having difficulty getting people to follow you?

In this presentation, I talk about why emerging as a leader can build a solid foundation for your business and give you actionable tips on how you can be seen as a leader in the online space within 90 days.

How I Added 350 New Members to My Group with an Online Summit

In this presentation, I discuss exactly how I added 350 people to my Facebook Group by running an online Summit.  I also share tips on how I leveraged automation and ran my summit with less than 5 hours spent on set up. 

Visibility + Diversification:  Why Facebook Groups and Facebook Live May Not Be Enough

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, you know that all of the experts are touting Facebook groups and Live video as the way to make bank.  While both can definitely be a critical part of a visibility strategy, you’re missing out on potential clients if this is all you are doing.  I mean, after all, do YOU shop in one store all of the time?  Neither do your dreamboat clients.

In this presentation, I will talk about ways to spread your wings and create a strategy that gets “Baby out of the corner.”

MLM Marketing in 2017:  Creating a Customer Base and Raving Fans Without the Sleeze Factor

Using the tactics being taught by some of the MLM companies can turn your family and friends against you, get you blocked in the online space, and even get you Facebook shamed.

In this presentation, I will give you tips you can use right away to start building your MLM business and skyrocket your MLM sales without alienating the masses.

Pitching Blogs and Podcasts:  A Profit Making Machine

Get out your party hats and let the bank know you’ll be making a deposit!

In this presentation, I am going to tell you the exact steps to not only find blogs and podcasts where you can feature your work and get seen as a go-to in your marketplace but also how to create a pitch that has them responding within 24 hours.

A Snowball’s Chance:  Visibility for New Entrepreneurs

Being a newbie and trying to get seen in the online space can be about as uncomfortable as being in the same room as an ex you despise, with underwear “issues,” and a bad case of the walking farts. Let’s get those panties out of a bunch and load you up with some Gas-X.

In this presentation, I’m going to give you immediately actionable tips to help you stand out in the online space without confusion, without panic, and without camping out in Facebook groups 24/7….oh and without the uh…discomfort.