The first years of entrepreneurship. The fear. The overwhelm. The confusion. Enough tears to fill an ocean. And SO much caffeine…. 

I will never forget the first year of being in business. 

The cocktail of being terrified, not knowing what I needed, being told 195 different ways to do things (with no flexibility whatsoever), signing up for freebie after freebie because I didn’t believe in myself enough to invest in a coach, not understanding biz terms, and getting comparisonitis (all while battling Fibromyalgia) had me feeling like I would never get anywhere. 

What I wouldn’t have given for a one stop shop that had training on the core things I needed for my business, support from a coach and people going through the same things I was, and a roadmap to get my biz rolling in the right direction….at a price that I could afford without having a small scale anxiety attack. 

Meet  Suzanne

I am Suzanne Proksa, the Business Badassery Catalyst for fed up female entrepreneurs who are tired of being serenaded by crickets and want to take no holds barred ACTION to get known as the go-to in their niche and get fully booked so that they have to amp up the life on their vision board.  I am also a….

  • IAWP Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Human Resource Manager of 18 years
  • Training Expert of 18 years
  • Thrive Global Contributor
  • Owner of an Etsy shop that reached Featured Seller status 

I know it’s hard.

Everybody is telling you to get visible but you have no clue how to even attack such an undertaking.

The experts say you have to get clear on your niche but you are terrified it will make you broke. Plus…how in the world do you even narrow it down when you are a friggin’ rockstar at everything?

You’re looking at the 6 and 7 figure earners posting all of those dream vacations and telling you that 5 figure months are the norm yet you would like to just have a 4 figure month. You feel inferior and discouraged.

You’re told to have multiple income streams yet you’re all like…what the f*ck is a sales funnel? 

You are drawing a blank when it comes to creating content, you know content is king, and you are terrified that you are going to go down in flames. 

There are 125 things you need to do and you have no idea where to start or what is going to get your business off the ground. 

The crickets you are hearing are not the sweet sound of a summer night…they are a painful reminder that you’ve never heard a PayPal notification. 

The first thing you need is mindset work…that’s what they tell you….but you have no idea where to start and quite frankly, you’re too overwhelmed to even try to figure it out. 

You know you need some tech to pull this thing off but you’re not techy and the number of options has you slamming your head on the computer keyboard.

You want freedom. You want to those dream vacations. You want a full client roster. And you want to go to the damn beach.

Introducing the Badasspreneur Mastermind. A hybrid support and education mastermind just for women like you who want to make their mark on the world without having to buy 100 different things or pay $25,000 for a coach.  

What You Need….When You Need It.


The Badasspreneur Mastermind includes:


Membership in the Badasspreneur Mastermind Facebook Group including… 

  • Special weekly training sessions led by me and other amazing women 
  • Bi-Monthly Q&As 
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other badass female entrepreneurs 
  • Monthly Work Bees (oh yeah…these are going to be off the hook!) 
  • 1:1 Bonus Coaching Sessions with Coaches with Varied Areas of Expertise 
  • (Optional) Biz Besties/Accountability Partners 
  • Whatever else my creative little mind comes up with!

Access to the Badasspreneur Mastermind Membership Site including… 

  • Access to all challenges, workshops and webinars on the site.
  • A full library of training created by yours truly.
  • Multiple videos by experts on topics including but not limited to visibility, brand, social media, mindset, intuition, self care, sales funnels, list building, content creation, blogging, etc. 
  • Special courses and training by experts just for members. 
  • A special section just for Newbiepreneurs called the Newbiepreneur Kickstart to help you get the basics and get up and running!

What is the cost of all of this goodness with a value of at least $3,000? 

Founding members get in for ONLY $97 per month for life! 


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    Mindset, Intuition and Law of Attraction

    Rock an amazing mindset with training from Suzanne Proksa, Kathryn Mussell, Erika Matos, Kelley Chappell PhD, and more!

    Visibility Strategy

    Develop a visibility strategy that actually works for YOU that you don’t want to poo poo within two days with training from Suzanne Proksa and more!


    Get that brand clarity you’ve been feening for with Suzanne Proksa’s Brand Clarity Course.


    Hone your sales skills without being sleezy salesy and learn how to rock discovery calls like a pro.

    List Building

    Learn how to start building your list both on a shoestring and on a budget.

    Content Creation

    Learn how to create content that magnetizes with Lacey Craig, Anna Frandsen, and Suzanne Proksa.


    Create compelling copy with training from Lauren Vanessa Zink and Tara Bosler.

    Client Attraction and Retention

    Get mad skills to help you attract your ideal clients and keep them coming back for more!

    Health and Wellness

    Learn how to put the brakes on the health woes that plague entrepreneurs with some of your favorite health coaches.

    Money and Money Mindset

    Money blocks and money mindset issues are a b*tch and hold back the badest of badasses in the entrepreneurial world. Learn how to put a lid on that shit so the PayPal notifications can flow!

    Social Media

    Groups and pages and Instagram…oh my! Get a handle on how to make the most of the social media opportunities available to you.


    Founding members get in for ONLY $97 per month for life! 


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